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Mii Cosmetics Miraculous Colour Corrector is perfect for those of us who suffer the effects of long days, late nights and ever pesky breakouts on our skin that stand in the way of a coveted, fresh-faced glow.
Mii Cosmetics have developed these must-haves for every make-up bag. For those not so perfect skin days. Mii Cosmetics Correctors and Concealers are a MUST for a totally flawless look.
The Mii Miraculous Colour Corrector beautifully balances out redness. Lightweight yet effective, the pale green pigment is an ideal antidote to redness, especially that caused by Rosacea.

Follow with
foundation for a totally flawless coverage. Now you see it, now you don’t.use alongside ...

Complete Cream Concealer is the master of disguise – banishing the appearance of blemishes and leaving no trace of its work.  Mii’s Precision Concealing Brush is the perfect partner to blend this product into even the smallest of areas.

What is a cosmetic Primer?

A primer is a cream or lotion applied prior to another cosmetic

i.e. foundation, to improve overall coverage. Assisting in a smooth application and
Primers are also available for other areas of the face, they currently include foundation

prolonging the wear of the cosmetic on the face. 

primer, mascara primer, eye-lid/eye-shadow primer & lip primer. 

With most offering SPF protection. Some Primers can also boost your skin

radiance, hide redness and reduce the size of your pores.

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