Moroccanoil Styling Super Stars Set

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Ensure that you achieve your favourite styles whilst on the go with Moroccanoil Styling Super Stars Set, Infused with argan oil, Moroccanoil’s Styling Superstar Set feature everything you need to style your hair for optimal manageability and shine.

Moroccanoil Styling Super Stars Try Me Kit contains:
- Moroccanoil Treatment 10ml
In makeup, foundation sets the stage for a flawless look. At a time when no such product existed in hair care, Moroccanoil set out to fill this void with a product that creates the proper canvas for all hairstyling.

- Mending Infusion 20ml
Moroccanoil Mending Infusion is a vitamin-fueled, quinoa protein-packed formula that nourishes, conditions and strengthens for a silky, fresh-cut appearance. The ultra-lightweight argan oil formula reduces visible signs of damaged hair such as frayed ends, dryness and colour damage while taming frizz and preventing further damage.

- Dry Texture Spray 26ml
A dry argan-oil infused spray for effortlessly undone styles with touchable texture and long-lasting hold. Use as a finishing spray for styles with carefree, texturised volume. Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray can also be used as a prep to provide the foundational grip needed for no-slip braids and updos.

- Perfect Defense 30ml
Moroccanoil Perfect Defense is a weightless, dry aerosol, heat protective spray. This nourishing, argan oil and vitamin-fueled formula re-hydrates the hair while protecting against the damaging effects of heat styling up to 230⁰C.

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