Dermalogica Shave SAMPLE PACK

  • Dermalogica Shave SAMPLE PACK
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Dermalogica Shave 3 Steps to Healthy Skin Sample Pack.

There is no doubt shaving impacts skin health: ingrowing hairs, irritation and redness are just some of the visible signs of trauma brought on when razor meets skin. 

The Dermalogica Shave system offers a complete regimen to guarantee not only the closest shave possible, but your healthiest skin ever. See what the worlds first fully customisable shave routine can do for your skin.

Whats in the pack: 

1. Daily Clean Scrub -This beard-lifting scrub cleans and exfoliates for a closer shave.

2. Soothing Shave Cream - Lubricates and imparts a cool feeling on skin.

3. Post-Shave Balm - This super cooling balm refreshes while moisturising to minimise post-shave recovery time.

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