Sienna X Balance Body Wash (200ml)

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Sienna X Balance Body Wash 200ml

This lemongrass and ginger beautifully fragranced Body Wash is pH balanced which means it is ideal to use with sunless tanning products as it will not strip away your golden glow, along with being kind to your skin. it contains Ginger Extract which is an antioxidant added to protect against skin damage, along with Silk Proteins to help nourish your skin and retain moisture, helping you to retain your tan. Use with Sienna X Radiance Body Balm & Sienna Polishing Body Scrub as part of your regime to maximise your tan.

Shower after eight hours to reveal your gorgeous developed colour*Go to the gym or get wet during the development period. No washing up!
Stay in the shower until the water runs clear, if there is any guide colour left on your skin it will rub off onto your clothesWear tight clothes – as these will rub your tan off and lead to a patchy developed tan
Moisturise daily to enhance and prolong your tanRub your skin after washing the guide colour off, pat dry instead to help your tan last longer
Start to exfoliate after 4 days to encourage an even wear offWear white! Although the tan will come off in the washing machine, it could leave a mark on sensitive materials
Remember to use SPF – a fake tan won’t protect your skin from harmful raysUse skincare/body products in the development time. Perfumes and chemicals can react with the tan, causing it to turn green

*If you’re using the Gradual Glowing Self Tan, you will not need to wash off as there is no guide colour.

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Here are some tips & advise to follow to get the most out of your tan ..

The Day Before ..

To minimise the 'dotty pore' finish. Remove any unwanted hair the day before you apply your tan. This will give your pores plenty of time to close,resulting in an even finish.

To Prevent stained cuticles, Paint your nails and toenails the day before (especially acrylic nail extensions)

A big tanning MUST ! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! 

To reveal the best smooth base for your tan, buff away dead skin cells using  Polishing Body Scrub paying special attention to dry skin areas such as, elbows, knees and feet. Followed by  Radiance Body Balm, a non-greasy balm that rehydrates your skin and leaves it feeling soft &  luxurious.

SQUARES and BUTTONS 23Tan Day ...

To stop 'white'  patches when tanning do not use deodorant, body lotion or perfume these act as a barrier and can prevent the tan developing properly. 

To stop 'dark tan' patches apply a small amount of moisturiser to areas prone to dry skin i.e. knees, elbows, feet, and hands. 

When applying your tan try and use a bright / well-lit room to help you see where you have or have not applied the tan.

Once you have applied the tan it is advisable to wear dark loose clothing while your tan develops.

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Beautythings is an Authorised Stockist of Sienna X Products

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