Why is your mature skin breaking out and what can you do about it?

Why is your mature skin suffering from acne?

Having spots as an adult can be frustrating and sometimes embarrassing. However, this isn’t as uncommon as some may think. A study from 92 dermatology clinics in 2015 found a 200% increase in the number of adults looking for specialist acne treatment (Sturgis, 2016). Women are also five times more likely than men to suffer from adult acne due to changing hormones during pregnancy, changing methods of contraception frequently and the menstrual cycle (Sturgis, 2016). Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone and Victoria Beckham to name a few have all suffered from adult acne.

Acne is caused when your hair follicles become blocked with sebum and dead skin cells. This then blocks the follicle creating a whitehead or blackhead. In turn, the harmless bacteria that live on your skin can infect the hair follicles, causing spots (NHS.uk, 2019).

Dr Stefanie Williams believes that the right skincare choices are very important when preventing adult acne. When women start reaching their 30s and 40s, they start investing in rich anti-ageing products, which are often extremely rich and can cause acne.

Dermalogica’s new skincare range- Age Bright

Dermalogica has recognised this to be a problem with some anti-ageing skincare and in answer to this, have developed a new ‘Age Bright’ skincare range as part of their wider Active Clearing range. These new products are designed to combat acne whilst also providing an anti-ageing formula for maturer skin.

The products are designed to brighten and clear the skin with their formulas that accelerate the cell turnover rate- which typically slows down as you get older. This cell turnover will help keep the skin clear from breakouts as well as helping the skin maintain an even skin

Dermalogica has released two main products in their Age Bright range- the Clearing Serum and the Spot Fader.

The Clearing Serum has several properties to help clear, smooth and brighten ageing skin. The Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin to help prevent breakouts, the AGE BrightTM Complex helps your skin’s natural microbiome create a brighter complexion, the photoactive from the Resurrection Plant helps hydrate and smooth the skin, whilst the Niacinamide works with the White Shiitake Mushroom to give you a brighter and more even skin tone


The Age Bright Spot Fader is a two-in-one treatment designed to help brighten the skin and fade acne scaring.

The fader brightens the skin with the AGE BrightTM Complex, whilst Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol help fade acne scars after breakouts.

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