Great skin starts with Cleansers!

Always Double Cleanse to ensure the healthiest, Cleanest Skin ever - Wash. Rinse.Repeat.

We recommend starting with Dermalogica PreCleanse to remove oil-soluble makeup, pollution and sunscreens, and then following with your favourite Dermalogica cleanser

Don't leave out your hairline and ears as these areas can build up grime and can be left out.

Dermalogica Cleansers love water - Use enough water to get thorough cleasning and a residue free rinse for super clean skin. Try The Sponge Cloth to assist removal. 



Dermalogica Cleansers all have there own unique qualities for may skin types:

Boost your cleansing routine by trying a dual action cleanser that has exfoliating properties once or twice a week. Add a small amount of your Exfoliant to your second cleanse. We also recommend Exfoliating Face Brush for a deeper cleansing action.

Enjoy happy Cleansing!!!