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Welcome to Beautythings and our range of Dermalogica Skin Care Products. We are an Authorised UK Dermalogica Stockist, we operate a Skin Centre where Dermalogica is our leading Facial brand. We have been using Dermalogica products for over 15 years, we and our clients love the results you get from this premium skincare brand.

Dermalogica has an array of products to suit and treat every skin type. Grey packaged products consist of their best selling award-winning products that are ideal for maintaining optimal skin health. A skin routine would typically consist of a Double Cleanse that always starts with a PreCleanse, a water-based oil that emulsifies with water and removes debris and make-up before moving onto the second part of the double cleanse and using a cleanser that is suited to your skin type. There are a few types of cleansers from a range of Cleansers. Dermalogica also has some segmented lines that are for specific skin types, you can find a Cleanser unique to AgeSmart, Active Clearing & UltraCalming Range. Following a Double Cleanse, we recommend using a spritz Toner to add goodness to the skin - not stripping. Your skin will be left feeling lightly dampened by the spritz and that is a great time to apply either your Moisturiser or before this a Concentrated Booster. The Toner being left on the skin will enable the Moisturiser to go further and will not drag on the skin.  Don't forget about your poor eyes, delicate tissue around the eye area will show the signs of ageing if you don't treat it with delicate care by using an Eye Cream. In addition to our daily skincare routine, we should perform exfoliation and extra special treatment such as Facial Masque two to three times a week. Exfoliating will help the regeneration process of new skin and applying a masque will either nourish or re-boost vitamins as needed. There are also masques in the AgeSmart Range for prematurely ageing skin, Medibac range if you have Very Oily or Acne skin.  We also have a special range to treat Pigmented skin such as Powerbright that has the essential day and night creams and serum. A Body Therapy range a gorgeous aromatics Body Wash and Body Lotion to compliment the freshly cleansed skin Dermalogica Primers & Tinted Moisturisers that come in three different shades.  All of the above products come in Skin Kit form if you have not used Dermalogica before and want to try before you buy. Let's not forget the Teenagers, Dermalogica has created a range just for them, Clear Start has all the gear that any teen would need to sort their skin out.