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The Dermalogica Sponge Cloth is a super-soft , reusable cleansing cloth gentle enough for even the most sensitised skin. Use with your Dermalogica cleansers to thoroughly remove make-up and debris without irritating skin.

Suitable for all Skin conditions.

Key Benefits of The Sponge Cloth

- Unique, soft texture efficiently removes Cleanser, Exfoliants and Masques.

- Made of durable, PVA material, similar to a natural sea sponge. Lasts from use to use.

- Can be machine washed in cold water. Allow to air dry.

- Material hardens when dry, but will soften again when thoroughly moistened with warm water.

- Rinses clean and dries quickly for convenient use.

- Ideal for babies and travel.
- Made from biodegradeable, bacteria-resistant fabric.

How to use The Sponge Cloth

Rinse to soften before using to gently remove Cleansers, Exfoliants and Masques. Rinse and leave to air dry.

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