Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Kit

  • Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Kit
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  • Helps control the biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging, including fine lines, age spots, and skin sagging.
  • Treats the signs of visible aging so skin is smoother, firmer and healthier.

how to use

Lather Skin Resurfacing Cleanser in wet hands and apply to dampened face and throat, avoiding the eye area.(Rinse thoroughly with warm water. One to two times a week: Apply MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque to face and throat, or exclusively to the T-zone. Rinse thoroughly after 10 minutes with warm water. Spritz Antioxidant HydraMist over face and neck, with eyes closed. Smooth MultiVitamin Power Firm around eyes, concentrating on areas of visible aging. Apply Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 to face and neck, preferably 30 minutes prior to sun exposure.

quick tip

Use your AGE Smart® Starter Kit morning and night, or as prescribed by your professional skin therapist.

Kit Contains:
- Skin Resurfacing Cleanser 30ml 
- Power Recovery Masque 15ml 
- Antioxidant HydraMist 30ml 
- MAP-15 Regenerator 0.5 g 
- Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 10ml 
- Multivitamin Power Firm Lips & Eyes 5ml 
- Renewal Lip Complex (sample)

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