Dermalogica Normal/Dry Essentials SAMPLE PACK

  • Dermalogica Normal/Dry Essentials SAMPLE PACK
Product Code: Dermalogica Normal/Dry Essentials SAMPLE PACK
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Dermalogica Normal/Dry Essentials 3 Steps to Healthy Skin Sample Pack.

Bring Good Skin Back to the surface. Normal/ Dry skin means your skin is dry or feels tight in the cheeks, however, other areas of your skin are balanced. The enclosed products in this pack are ideal for cleansing without over-drying, as well as exfoliating and balancing hydration levels. By the time you're done using them, your skin will feel at its healthiest ever.

Whats in the pack: 

1. Special Cleansing Gel - is a soap-free cleansing gel, that works to thoroughly remove impurities without over drying.

2. Daily Microfoliant - is a rice based exfoliant that works to smooth and brighten the skin.

3. Skin Smoothing Cream - is an antioxidant-rich moisturising cream that maintains the skins moisture balance.

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