Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo 250ml

  • Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo 250ml
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Dermalogica Daily Cleasning Shampoo is a Sulfate-free Daily Shampoo that will restore healthy and shiny hair. This non-stripping gentle shampoo is great for all hair types and still gelte enough for coloured and treated hair. 

Product Benefits of Daily Cleasning Shampoo

- Non-Stripping sulfate FREE makes it an ideal shampoo for coloured or treated hair

- Argan Oil helps protect from Sun Damage whilst increasing softness, shine and manageability.

- Advacado Oil helps retain moisture and prevent breakage.

- Coconut Oil Strenthens and Moisturises the hair cuticle.

- Provides a Robust foam lather

- Nourishing & Antioxidant Rich

Key Ingredients in Daily Cleasning Shampoo

- Argan, Advacado and Cocnut Oil infuse shine & Softness and help sheild hair from sun damage.

- Grapefruit, Lavender & Geranium essentail oils invigorate the senses.

Application of Daily Cleasning Shampoo

- Massage into wet hair and scalp. Rinse Thoroughly with warm water. Apply a second application to hair that required a good wash, or for daily use once application should be sufficient. Follow with Daily Conditioning Rinse.

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