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Here at Beautythings, we have grown from just myself to a small team of 4 and occasionally some holiday cover. We work very well together both in work and socially. We are all passionate about our jobs and enjoy the work that we do.

Outside of our jobs we regularly like to catch up and enjoy social time together too.


This year we all decided to enter into a local Rowing regatta aimed at local business who want to compete against each other. We had the best time ever, 6 practice sessions of training with no previous experience.  We won our first race, it was such a buzz, and then in the semi-finals, we were ahead but at the very last minute we "caught a crab" ! We were gutted as we were very near the finish line. We are all quite competitive it turns out, SO we are doing it again next year and we can't wait! #teambuilding #rowing #teambonding #teambeautythings




A small gathering of the Team just before we break up for the Christmas break, usually starts with some prosecco courtesy of customers and suppliers, a few cocktails and a nice meal locally.


We thank you so much for your custom, for all the kind words and feedback,

The Beautythings Team x