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The Organic Flower Mask is an activating and energizing mask that will bring a sallow, lifeless complexion to life. It leaves the skin glowing while improving the overall skin tone.

An effective beauty enhancing mask for skin with loss of vitality and enlarged pores. A natural face mask that is gently exfoliating and brings youthful looking skin. 

This is an active mask and is not recommended for those with acne and sensitive skin. Excellent for oily and normal skin conditions and may be used as gentle scrub also.

All Dr. Alkaitis masks are biologically active and made from pre-digested ingredients, making them more available to the skin and increasing their therapeutic potential. It is important to keep all Dr. Alkaitis masks moist on the skin, because by adding moisture to the mask, these unique ingredients are brought to life and in turn allow the skin to more fully absorb them.


  • Stimulates circulation
  • Refreshes complexion
  • Promotes rosy healthy looking skin
  • Great for those with Oily and normal skin types

Application: Use a teaspoon of the mask and mix into a thin paste using approximately a teaspoon of purified water. 

After cleansing your skin, use a damp cloth and leave on your face for several minutes while you relax. This will soften your skin making it more receptive to the beneficial ingredients in the mask.

Apply the Flower Mask on your face and neck, using your fingertips or a soft brush. Avoid the delicate area around the eyes. Leave the mask to work for about 10 to 20 minutes. To keep the ingredients active, don’t allow the mask to dry. You can easily moisturize the mask by sprinkling your face with water. To rinse, wet a soft cloth with lukewarm water and carefully wipe the mask from your face.

Tips: Use our Flower Mask as a gentle exfoliator by taking a small amount of Flower Mask into the palm of your hand and blending it with water into a smooth paste that would be the consistency of smooth yogurt. Not too thick but not too watery. Apply to the skin and in circular motions gently ‘scrub’ for about 30 seconds or longer if you desire. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

To intensify the masks living properties, replace the water by one teaspoon of organic goat’s milk yoghurt and/or a teaspoon of organic raw honey. These ingredients are known for their soothing effect on the skin. Combining them with our Flower Mask will amplify results. Adding them will also help keeping the mask moist on your face so ingredients stay active.

1.67 oz (50g) | 100% active - 2/3 Months Supply

Cruelty Free

Dr Alkaitis

: Alkaitis Organic Skin Care products are created from certified organic, biodynamic or ethically wild-crafted ingredients, contain no chemicals or synthetic materials and are so pure they are actually edible.

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